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KIRUPA TRUST was constituted by the group of Social workers who belongs to  Madurai Districts. KIRUPA is well aware of the Socio-economic orders which hamper and retard the development of the Old Age People. Because the Old Age People are under the clutches of illiteracy, ignorance and superstitions with traditional practices. So in order to rescue them from the horrible conditions we have established Old Age Home and conducted various Awareness generation Programs we have also and carried out various welfare activities to enhance their living and working condition.


Area of Operation

Our area of operation is at Madurai District in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu. We carried out our sincere social service in 5 villages in Madurai District, which comprises the Madurai and Melur Block


Old Age Home

Our Senior Citizens are the pillars in our community and it’s important to acknowledge their wisdom and contribution. But they are left without proper care and concern like a street stone.


Nobody ensures the well being of our senior citizens and provide the elderly with rehabilitative care. As a means of breaking this human less activity, we established an old age home to help them overcome their physical and mental depression.


They lead independent living with the provision of safe accommodation, healthy diet and sleep, spiritual peace and recreation for 25 inmates. Clean clothes bedding, Toilet, and bathroom facilities are provided.


In their daily routine, they start the day spiritually with Morning tiffen followed by afternoon quality meals, evening tea/snacks and night meaIs/ tiffen. In the meanwhile, they are involved in recreational activities like watching TV, Reading Magazine/ News papers watering plants and playing indoor games providing them a green environment. They are also taken for tour / pilgrimage to Pillaiyarpattiand Kundrakkudi. These visits to bring them out to the world. We also conductculturaland awareness programs to boost them and to make them realize their importance in the society.



KIRUPA is running a multifacility care centre for elderly women, at Poikarrai Patti, Near Alagarkovilin Madurai District, TamilNadu.

Increased population of elderly people are left without love and care. Especially elderlywomen were left in unsafe hands of the society.

Hence, KIRUPA was estabilished to safeguard and provide care to the elderly women who were left without proper love and care. This center is very essential for the benefit ofelderlypersons. Also this center is easily accessible by everybody as it is located near the main road. The Elderly women are provided with the peaceful and safe environment.

Safety, being the first priority to elderly women, they are provided with clean accomodation Nutritious food, and proper care and concern. Medical facilities are provided with a basic first aid kit, visiting Doctors, and nurses are appointed and are given treatment at any time of needed.

Wardens are appointed to ensure their safety 24/7, Transportation facilities are also easily available incase of emergency. To fill their alone time, recreationalfacilities like TV Magazines, indoor games are provided. Hence everybody feels happy and safe to be in the home.

Kitchen Details




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